Candidate Search and Placement

Need to hire now for a difficult to fill position? Try our candidate search and placement!

Your company may be at risk of lost productivity if the right people aren’t found now. We'll find the right hire for your business with candidate search and placement.

Does This Sound Like Your Company When It Comes To Hiring?

  • You need qualified candidates quickly and urgently.
  • You are located in an underserved market for a traditional job fair.
  • You’re running short on internal resources or expertise.

THE PROBLEM: The longer your positions remain unfilled, the lower your production, higher stress on current employees, and lost market share to your competitors.

Catalyst Career Group’s contingent recruiting gives you access to a quality candidate fast. We do all the hard work of recruiting for you. All you do is interview, evaluate, and hire.

What Are The Benefits of Candidate Search and Placement?

The candidate comes to you: pre-screened, qualified, and interested.

The process is scheduled and managed for you. All you have to do is interview, evaluate, hire.

Short turnaround, quick setup, targeted costs

Catalyst Career Group Hiring Testimonials

“We interviewed 5 out of 10 requests.  We hired one to start June 1st and one potential 1099 sales agent!"

“Recruiting the right candidate for your organization requires a lot of time, patience, follow-up and scheduling. We were struggling in a particular market so we reached out to Catalyst Career Group for assistance.  We are so glad we did! They found us qualified candidates, shared resumes and set up interviews. We successfully hired a great person to join our team.”

July Hiring Trend Catalyst Career Group Virtual Hiring Job Fair

Wise Up Financial


Director of Operations

Ready To Meet Your Candidate Search And Placement Candidate?

Pursue the best candidates for you and maximize your ROI. We bring you a highly qualified candidate from your candidate pool and you are free to hire AT ONE FLAT RATE!

Contact us today to schedule your contingent recruiting. Schedule your FREE 15 minute Contingent Recruiting Assessment to see if this it is the best option for your hiring and financial goals!

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