Host Your Own Virtual Job Fairs with RecruitVirtual

RecruitVirtual is our proprietary virtual job fair platform. RecruitVirtual provides a highly efficient and cost effective way for organizations to host virtual job fairs of their own and include any number of exhibit booths and recruiters in their event.  Each job fair is branded with your organizations name and a fully customized event registration page.  Candidates and recruiters are able to meet, and chat live via one-on-one text, one-on-one video, and live broadcast from their computer, tablet or mobile device. 

RecruitVirtual has built in email and text reminders that are sent to both company recruiters and candidates.  The software collects and retains text CHAT logs between recruiters and candidates that can then be easily accessed and reviewed after the event. The software has a built-in candidate review feature that recruiters may use to rank, log notes and immediately email and share candidate notes and information with hiring managers or other recruiters. It also collects detailed data and collects and retains the name, phone, email and resume for each candidate along with answers to any number of questions you can customize and ask during the registration process.  Recruiters love it because they are able to maximize their time and effort from the comfort of their own office. 


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