How To Make The Most Of A Spring Job Search

At the start of a new year, many people are beginning their job search, with new goals for their career in mind. Many employers anticipate this and present job seekers with new positions and job openings. But if job seekers are not prepared to navigate this saturated market and stay consistent in searching throughout the beginning of spring, it can still be quite difficult to hear back from hiring managers. Keep reading to learn a few ways that you can make your spring job search more productive!

A spring job search can last 5 months on average

It’s easy to get impatient when searching for a new job. Between interviews and follow-up calls, a position in your dream company can feel far away. That is why it’s important to remember that from application to hire, a job search takes 5 months on average. Shifting your focus to being as prepared as possible from the very start is the best thing any job seeker can do. 

Target your most desired companies for your spring job search

Just like everyone else, employees at top-earning companies are likely searching for jobs themselves. If there are specific companies you have in mind, beginning your job search in the start spring could be your best bet. Along with their existing employees moving into new jobs, business owners are likely setting new goals of their own, often resulting in more jobs.

If you need help creating a list of targets, many organizations create “Best Place to Work” lists. Start with your local media outlets for desirable companies in your area. You should be able to find these via a search for “best places to work in {your city}.” Other outlets, like LinkedIn, Fortune magazine, job listing website Glassdoor, Forbes, and other media companies release their top lists each year, as well.

Network intentionally to make the most of your spring job search

As you spend time networking, be mindful that it can be beneficial to connect with people who are not directly related to the company you are seeking out. When you begin securing contacts and interviews, make a plan to follow up with your contacts. It is important to maintain relationships with people, even if no job comes from the connection. Investing in your professional relationships keeps the door open for future connections and opportunities. 

Make your job search more fruitful by following these tips and staying up to date with other Catalyst Career Group hiring resources! 

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