How To Improve Your Company’s Hiring Process.

As with many job searches, the hiring process can be difficult and time consuming. In the process of searching for the perfect candidate, attracting the right people for your brand will help to improve the quality and retention of your employees. A good hiring process sets the tone for prospective employees, so here are a few way to improve yours:

Make your job descriptions clear and specific.

For a job seeker, their first interaction with your brand will likely be through your job description. Take some time to include a detailed explanation of all responsibilities and benefits for the applicant. This will help to ensure that when you do receive an application, they are from those who are genuinely interested and a good fit for the position. This can also give applicants a taste of your company’s brand, values, and culture which are all significant parts of any job search.

Communicate Effectively.

When sorting through applications and moving towards the interview process, there are so many things to discuss with your job candidates. Deciding in advance what kinds of interview questions you will ask and onboarding information you require will make this process much more effective. This will also allow you and your recruitment team to be on the same page, allowing for all communications with applicants to run more smoothly throughout the hiring process.

Don’t make the hiring process longer than necessary.

The job search and hiring process can be stressful. There are many factors to consider on both ends, so it is wise to gather as much information as possible. But once you’ve got an adequate 

understanding of your candidate and what they have to offer, don’t be afraid to move forward in making a decision. If they have not heard back from the employer just 1 week after an interview, 70% of job seekers will lose interest in the position. An article published by JDI Search says that the best job candidates are off the market within 10 days! Always make informed decisions, but be sure to keep timing in mind.

Catalyst Career Group is committed to matching quality candidates with great companies all over the nation. We make it easy for job seekers with our friendly welcome orientation, informative event guides, and seminars specifically designed to help you advance your career at in-person and virtual job fairs.

And Private Recruiting Events allow you to meet with employers at their office, conference room, or virtually (over phone or video interview). While multi-company job fairs work well to meet many candidates for a broad range of positions, we’ll bring you directly to the door of the person who is hiring today.

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