What’s Your Plan For Virtual Onboarding & E-Learning?

We are always keeping up on the latest data for the job market and what is impacting companies’ hiring efforts. As we look forward to what lies ahead for Q3 and Q4 of 2020 we’re noticing new trends. Specifically, we’re seeing companies looking to retrain current employees and unique ways to virtually train new hires as they come on remotely or in-person.

Virtual Onboarding

Yes! Companies like yours are hiring right now. There’s fresh talent looking for security and flexibility. The best way to keep them engaged from offer to committed team member is through your new virtual onboarding process. It is the final stage of the recruitment process and it starts the moment the new team members accepts the position – not the first day working.

With much face-to-face interaction lost these days, HR teams are making effort to provide effective virtual onboarding that mirrors normalcy.

A stable onboarding procedure will increase retention rates by 82 percent, which is a pretty staggering number when you consider the time it takes to market, sift through, and interview the right candidate.

This is their first official entrance into the business and community, so with a negative experience, 17 percent of new candidates decide to exit within three months.

Virtual E-Learning

As you anticipate your remote learning for the team, you are most likely considering conferencing software and cloud supported training documents. There are also online training programs that can walk your new hire through a series of videos, text, and Q/A.

You’ll actually give yourself more time if you implement or begin to develop these items now for your future new hire’s comfortable onboarding experience.

Here are just some of many project management tools that provide video tutorials for your workflow:

  • Trello
  • Monday.com
  • Proofhub

Virtual Socialization

Does your new team member have other colleagues they’ll be working with soon? It’s best to assimilate the meet and greet process is by offering virtual social happy hours. Get creative with your virtual environment to make them feel welcome. There could be themed nights, walking clubs, cook-together events, and TV-show discussion clubs.

This will give the new team member a better idea of your company’s culture and help them engage better on their work assignments too. In this uncertain time for hiring and the economy, this type of onboarding practice an only help with higher retention rates and attracting top talent.

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