Companies Ramp Up Virtual Hiring

There are early signs of a turnaround for the economy. With that comes new opportunities for those seeking new employment.


We’re seeing more mortgages, truck load deliveries, flight and hotel bookings, and retail gasoline purchases. Along with that are companies eager to hire to fill their positions right now.

From Chicagoland area, to Wisconsin, Ohio, Texas, New Jersey, Colorado, and New York – businesses are taking advantage of the available workforce for their open positions. There are industries with frontline occupations that need filling as well as logistics and healthcare.

That’s where job fairs come in. While these physical events have been placed on hold due to health concerns, Catalyst Career Group hosts virtual events set up to mimic the real thing.

Hiring managers host a business “booth” and post job positions in advance for candidates to review. When candidates visit the “booth” they can engage the hiring manger in live chat and provide their resume.


If the conversation and resume are of interest to the business, the hiring manager can immediately invite the job seeker for a Zoom interview – right then and there.

Once the virtual job fair is complete, the hiring manager has access to the candidates contact information, resume database, and analytics of the event.

Even more, the hiring manager can continue to reach out to other candidates who may not have visited their “booth” during the event. The opportunities for matching the right candidates with the right employers are especially elevated because of the virtual profile database.


Have you been concerned about having successful in-person interviews? So is the person on the other side of the “table”. When it’s not recommended to physically meet in closed-in locations with multiple individuals, virtual interviews and job fairs are the answer!

Let us know how we can solve your interviewing woes and connect the right candidate to the right position fast!

Contact Catalyst Career Group for virtual job fairs and private hiring events.






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