6 Steps To Hiring More Diverse Candidates

Diversity hiring has taken an especially significant priority during 2020. As hiring managers look to enhance their diversification, their hiring practices must get a refresh.

To make the most of your hiring pool and expand your diversity candidate reach, here are six ways hiring managers can update their hiring practices to get more diversity in their candidates.

1. Evaluate The Current Hiring Practices

When you take an audit of your current process, you’ll find there are areas for improvement in the location you’re sourcing, the resume background you receive, and the places you go to physically recruit from.

Take a step back and look at the statistics of your diversity hiring. Is there an issue at the top-funnel collection process? Or is there a lack of diversity at the bottom of the funnel final interview stage?

You won’t know how to grow until you fully evaluate the data and understand your starting point.

2. Set A Diversity Goal To Reach

The second step towards success is identifying what you’d like to achieve with your hiring efforts. While simply saying you want to have more diversity hires doesn’t give a clear enough goal, giving a numeric example does!

Choose one of the metrics from your “Evaluate the Current Hiring Practices” above and really focus in on what is reasonable for goal setting. This could be something such as a 20% or 50% diversity top-funnel collection process. Or it could be having a goal of 30% final interview stage or 20-50% diversity job offers bottom-funnel goal.

At this point, choose just one or two goals to reach and put numbers behind your planning. That way you can communicate more effectively with others on the team and you can see how the efforts are measuring along the way.

3. Increase Diversity With Your Job Listings

Take a look at your current job listing. Consider the language and word choices that describe your open positions.

Whether on your website or other job board platform, look to include language that supports diversity hiring. Next, choose language that attracts your diversity pool. For example, if you are looking to attract more females to your company, avoid using excessive amount of masculine pronouns (he, his, him, etc.).

4. Increase Diversity On Your Website

Job seekers who value diversification in their company will often take the time to fully research the business they are considering.

Take a look at the images, videos, and language displayed on your website. Do you have an equal ratio of men to women? Are multiple ethnicities shown? It makes a difference to the candidate if they can see that your company values these things on the website.

5. Increase Your Diversity With Candidate Screening

To add more diversity in your candidate screening process, consider adding a personality assessment to your interviewing process.

Companies that utilize these to fill positions have shown a higher level of diversification. This is because character and personality data leads the decision-making process instead of gut instinct. We at Catalyst Career Group can give personality assessments to all candidates we source so that you are delivered higher quality results to fit your needs.

Also, consider doing “blind” hiring techniques in your hiring. You can utilize a recruiter to collect resumes and present relevant job-related qualifications while keeping school/name/age/address hidden. At Catalyst Career Group, we partner with businesses looking to increase their diversity hires and provide diverse candidates, pre-screened for your exact needs.

6. Reassess Your Diversity Hiring Practices

So you went through the process of evaluating your hiring procedures, updating your candidate sources, and identifying manual procedures that could limit diversity bias. Once you have gone through one or two rounds of the hiring practice, you should reassess the outcome.

Looking at how the interviews and resumes were handled will help you identify where you are excelling and what still needs improvement. Continuously work towards maintaining a diversity goal and your results will get closer to creating an equal hiring field for all job seekers!

Catalyst Career Group provides Diversity Job Fairs and Diversity Private Hiring Events that take the guess work out of candidate sourcing and hiring. Contact us today to discuss your diversity initiatives and how we can help you go farther in your inclusion practices!


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