What Top Talent Are Looking for in Their Post-Pandemic Careers

Today’s Covid environment has made top talent reassess their job needs and goals. With so many requirements and environmental changes taking place over the past year, many have adapted to working from home and have new expectations for how work looks in 2021 and beyond.

Here are some of the top requirements job seekers are looking for in their 2021 careers.

The Number One Priority Has Changed For Job Seekers For 2021

Today’s top talent is ranking the safety of their families as their number one priority for the job they accept. Prior to 2020, they used to rank financial providing for families as number one.

This is no surprise as we see how the pandemic has brought families closer to home, focused on health, and debating what safe measures they can make to protect those they love.

If you are looking to attract the top talent right now for your open position, health and safety must be first and foremost in your discussion and job listing. Does your website’s employer page discuss how you are keeping your employees safe? Have you outlined your health guidelines for all team members to follow? Stating information like this for your candidates to view during their research will help you move to the top of their career consideration.

Increased Hiring For Top Industries

There’s a big surge for top talent in certain industries during this post-pandemic period. Health education, public health, industrial, retail, and technology are all seeing a massive jump in demand and there aren’t enough qualified candidates for the jobs.

Top candidates in these areas are deciding carefully which companies they want to partner with. Some of the main requests in the post-pandemic 2021 career include remote work, babysitting care for children, flexible hours, and a competitive salary.

With more than 68% of workforce managers stating they will be likely to hire over the next few months [Source: Staffing Industry Analyst], now is the time to look at what factors you can build into your job packages to attract your ideal candidate.

Fast Movement Towards Hiring & Onboarding

There are big changes happening in many industries right now. With that comes the need to fill positions now. The need to connect with more candidates than ever is crucial for finding the right talent. With so much virtual interaction, companies are seeing how necessary it is to expand their demographic pool and invite a wider set of candidates into the interview process.

Top candidates are also on the look out for better opportunities if they are not in an ideal situation for their future career. They’re looking to leverage their current work experience for a better and healthier position right now. If the right offer comes along, they’re looking to move fast and aren’t afraid to cut ties with old toxic work environments.

“The ability to move quickly from sourcing, to resume selections, to phone screen, and multiple rounds of virtual interviews means there needs to be more candidates coming into the top of the funnel, and at a high quality.” Says Jeff Naugle, Catalyst Career Group, Co-Founder.

Ultimately, these 2021 job seeker trends are pushing hiring companies to be as efficient as they can. Leveraging technology and sourcing a wider range of talent into their interviewing pool is key to successful job fulfillment. It also means companies need to have a consistent and trustworthy process for sourcing top candidates.

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