The New Trend Called “Resume-Blasting” – And How You Can Avoid It…

Here’s a growing trend we’ve been seeing across the board and expect to rise in 2020. More job seekers are embracing mobile job search and creating a culture of “resume-blasting”!

Mobile search is continuously on the rise, and if you think you can just post a job to your website and you’ll receive the top quality applicants in seconds of posting, you’re gravely mistaken.

Job search is happening on the train commute, late at night before bed, during lunch breaks at the cafe, and event while we wait in line at the grocery. Businesses that aren’t zoning in on taking advantage of the most optimized job ad will miss out on the largest selection of job seekers.

According to a survey by Glassdoor, 35% of applicants actually prefer to search and apply to job opportunities from a their own phone.

What does this mean for you? While it may be easy for them to make quick job searches, job seekers can’t quickly refine their resume as needed for each job description. That means, you’re actually getting MORE GENERIC RESUMES from what we call “resume-blasting behavior”.

Job seekers also apply to jobs without fully reading the requirements and performing a self-audit of professional skills needed. Instead, the characteristics of a “resume-blaster” is the tendency to put the onus on the hiring manager to sift through their resume to decide if they are a right fit.

More under-matched resumes means more work for you, more time the job sits open, AND lower quality candidates.

You need to hire fast. To hire quantity. And maybe even hire for those revolving turn-around positions. Because of the ever changing job seeker market, we’ve developed processes to leverage all the latest techniques and platforms AND interview events to bring your best job seekers to you!

When applicants use their phones, we reach them where they’re searching. When job seekers are “resume-blasting”, we sift through their details for better matches. When applicants hide behind their phones for “easy” online applying, we create LIVE hiring events that draw out hard-working, initiative-driven, interview-ready candidates!

Interested in meeting BETTER candidates in a casual setting BEFORE interviewing? We’ve got just what you need. Our major-city job fairs across the country or our crafted private-hiring events at your location are the FASTEST route to detouring the “resume-blast”.

Contact Catalyst Career Group today to discuss which job fair, hiring event, or service is best for your organization!

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