Outsmart The Coronavirus – Now’s The Best Time To Find Local Candidates.

It’s not a surprise that companies more and more are moving to virtual interviews in response to health concerns.

Moving job interviews and other interactions online in response to the outbreak only makes sense as companies switch to remote work across the organization.

With the right tools in place, this is actually making the recruiting job more straightforward.

With so many individuals working from home right now, it is the perfect time to schedule video interviews and calls,” says Jeff Straub, Private Hiring Events CEO. “It is also creating an environment where top talent is reconsidering the job they are currently at. They might be more prone to make a switch for a better offer too!”

Recruiters have had a pipeline of candidates who have been considering a change. Now with most workers at home working remote, they are much easier to access via technology. Presenting the right opportunity where they are at online could get a higher response than when candidates were traveling, in the office, and on their commute.

Some companies are waiting on their hiring efforts for negligible positions, but for those positions that must be filled immediately such as health care, call centers, and service technicians, the top talent will be snatched up by someone else in the meantime.” says Straub.

The lesson learned? If you absolutely know you’ve got to fill your pressed opening, take advantage of this time to get in front of as many top candidates as you can. We may never see such a unique opportunity of so many work-from-home talent as this and it’s best to make the most of it.

Because of the ever changing job seeker market, we’ve developed processes to leverage all the latest techniques and platforms AND private interview events to bring your best job seekers to you!

Interested in meeting BETTER candidates at your location? We’ve got just what you need. Our on-site PRIVATE hiring events bring select quality candidates to you – virtually or in-person.

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