Attract The Best Candidates With Safer Workplaces

There is positive momentum afoot as it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic, but its impact will undoubtedly be felt for many months to come. When it comes to hiring practices, candidates will continue to seek information about how employers address pandemic-related workplace safety to ensure it aligns with their needs and expectations.

During this unprecedented time, transparency and clarity are two keywords that should influence actions and conversations on workplace safety with candidates and employees.

Candidate Interviews: Lead with Information

Communicating company protocols in a direct manner allows companies and candidates to move into the interview process and beyond with confidence. Don’t leave it to the candidate to guess what measures are taken and what is required of them in the interview process. Share key safety-related info prior to the first interview, such as:

–    The setting: Where applicable, offer a virtual interview option. Re-clarify if that option is available at each round. Use upfront calls or emails to lay out what COVID-19 related safety measures candidates can expect at any in-person interview. Wear masks, have hand sanitizer available, abide by current social distancing guidelines, and consider providing a health screener option.

–    The greeting: Let candidates know before the interview that you’ll be passing on the typical handshake introduction for everyone’s safety. This helps avoid an awkward initial greeting. Don’t worry – you’ll still have plenty of opportunities to gauge confidence and professionalism from other cues.

–    The workplace: Be upfront in addressing what the company does to increase safety for employees. Include this information in interview collateral or on a website you can easily direct candidates to.

Taking these steps ensure interview discussion stays focused on the role, candidate and company. Remember, actions you take now set the tone for how your company demonstrates care for employees.

Employers: Establish & Communicate the New Workplace Safety

Have you clearly communicated to employees what measures the company is taking to deliver a safe working environment during the pandemic? Consider formalizing details around the following:

–    Workplace cleaning protocols

–    Steps taken when an employee reports a positive COVID test

–    Workplace alignment with social distancing recommendations

–    Health checks, such as daily self-certification or temperature checks

–    A key internal contact that can act as a resource for any COVID-19 related questions

–    Vaccination requirements or incentives

–    Policy on sick/leave time related to quarantine

Having this information established means you can share practices already actively put into place with candidates, painting a realistic picture of your company environment.

Employees: Safety is a Two-Way Street

Just as you are informing employees on company efforts, it’s also fair to ask them to be a part of keeping the workplace safe during a pandemic. Remind them of the steps they can take:

–    Adherence to company protocols (mask wearing, social distancing, etc.)

–    Thorough hand washing

–    Self-monitor for any COVID symptoms

–    Report any positive COVID test they have received or exposure they have had

As it relates to candidates, this also provides complete clarity on expectations before they accept a new position with your company.

As CDC and OSHA guidelines continue to shift, regularly revisit your communications and update as needed. Leverage easily editable and distributable tools such as landing pages or email blasts so you can quickly and easily keep employees connected to the evolving workplace environment.Catalyst Career Group is well-positioned to help you identify top candidates in this current environment with our Virtual Career Fairs. Have an urgent hiring need? Our private recruiting option was specifically created to find and hire quality candidates more quickly.

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