How Video Resumes Can Help You Stand Out To Employers

How Video Resumes Can Help You Stand Out To Employers

With the technological shift in using more video based communications, there has been a new hiring trend where top candidates and job seekers create video versions of their resume in order to grab the attention of hiring managers. The purpose of a video resume is to change the monotony of the traditional way of applying for jobs.

The video would serve as a supplement to the traditional resume similar to a cover letter. Based on a survey conducted by LinkedIn, the majority of the U.S. hiring manager respondents appear to be open to the concept, where 76% of more than 1,000 respondents said that a pre-recorded video of a potential candidate would be useful.

A video resume allows you to talk about your work experience, exhibit your personality, and differentiates you from other candidates. This concept is still fairly new and underutilized by several job seekers, because of skill limitations or being unaware of the concept.

Well, look no further. Here are the tips and tricks from job search experts on how to make a video resume for you to stand out from the workforce competition: 

Keep it Short and Sweet

HR managers go through piles of resumes every day and the video you produce should create a sense of excitement. Creating a video that is too long could be just as boring as the traditional resume. Remember, your video is only a supplementary tool and should not be your main resume. Your video must be in the range of 30 to 90 seconds in length to ensure that the hiring manager stay engaged. 

Give More Depth Than Your Resume

Similar to a presentation, you don’t want to just read from a script. Provide new insights and show your personality, similar to writing a cover letter. A good outline to follow would be having an introduction, your profession or field, what drives you or what makes you passionate, specific accomplishments, testimonials or personal recommendations, and, lastly, your closing statements. 

Utilize Free Video Editing Software 

There are several free websites that allow you to create videos seamlessly without knowing too much about editing. With one simple search, you are able to find free video editing software programs online at your disposal. 

Tailor Your Videos

Just like creating your resume, it is strongly advised to tailor videos based on the company you are applying for. A good tip to take note of without heavily editing the video is to tailor only the first part of the video. This way, all you have to do is to change just the intro of the video each time instead of remaking a video every single time for each company you apply for. 

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