In The Office, Remote, Or Third Workplace?

During the pandemic, employees were able to get a taste of working from home with having the flexibility to work from anywhere. Over time and with the development of remote work, employees are slowly shifting towards a new way of working as they look for a new location to get their work done; and that is what has been called “third workplaces.”

What Is The Third Workplace?

As business shift from remote work back to in-person work, there has been a rise in popularity of the third workplaces. And no, this is not in someone’s home or the employee lounge. Third workplace refers to employees working from hotels, coffee shops, or co-workspaces supplemented with working at the office. 

Third workplaces are not a new practice and have only risen in popularity as people see the benefit of having a work-life balance and being able to work in a comfortable environment. With the practice being widely accepted, it wouldn’t be a surprise if big and small businesses implement third workplaces to their job structure.

Approximately 65% of small and big businesses want to develop a hybrid work policy after the pandemic. Providing an option of employees being able to work at third workplaces will allow them to increase productivity, improve company morale, and boost employee satisfaction.

According to a survey, “77% of remote workers stated that they’re more productive when working from home.” The numbers don’t lie. Companies that allow remote work see “an average increase of $2,000 in profit per remote worker.”

Remove Distractions With The Third Workplace

Working from home comes with several distractions, such as parents having to take care of their children or being distracted with household chores. Offices also have several factors that could affect productivity, including other employees, business environment, or noise levels. This is why so many businesses are leaning towards incorporating third workplaces. According to a hybrid-work research, once the “majority of large companies are hybrid-focused, these third workplaces are going to be a huge part of work.”

Establishing a well-structured third workplace gives an employee the opportunity to work in their desired workplace, eliminates distractions, and also increases productivity. 

Third Workplace Bottom Line

Businesses are taking advantage of the increase of third workplaces by creating a new market where they provide a workspace in exchange for a small fee. Hotels are adding remote facilities to their locations. Different start-ups are emerging where employees are able to rent spaces for the day. Even restaurants are opening their dining areas for people to rent a table to work. A restaurant in New York is capitalizing in this new market by offering their dining space during off hours to gain some extra cash. For $25, employees are able to sit in, get free coffee and water, and use high-speed internet.

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