Have You Identified Your Hiring Strategies Right Now?

According to the State of U.S. Hiring Survey of more than 2,300 senior managers, 65% of respondents anticipate their company adding new permanent positions in the first half of 2022. 

As businesses start to reopen and consumer demand rises, majority of businesses have been placing efforts in substantially expanding their workforce this year.

Considering the current candidate-driven market, businesses are facing the challenge of attracting personnel suited for open positions. This has caused recruiters to revisit their hiring strategies in order to find a better way to recruit candidates. One way recruiters are confronting this challenge is through prioritizing their firm’s hiring needs right now. 

All About Timing 

Timing is critical when hiring during the beginning of this year as strategizing, onboarding talent and training employees takes some time. Planning in a timely manner allows businesses to set their hiring budget and goals, pick from a bigger pool of qualified candidates and allows newly hired employees to assimilate quickly into the company. 

One Step Ahead

With several companies planning to hire in the beginning of the year, attaining the top candidate is highly competitive and the time to fill increases as the position remains unfilled. Formulating the hiring strategy as-soon-as-possible allows businesses to be one step ahead of the competition. This provides businesses with the opportunity to dedicate more time and energy towards the hiring process and avoid any candidate miss-outs. 

Hiring the wrong person for the job is a costly and time-consuming setback.

The United States Department of Labor estimates the cost of a bad hire costs up to 30% of the employee’s wages for the first year. On top of that, a bad hire decreases productivity and lowers employee morale; so it is vital for businesses to strategize early. 

Spread The News

It is essential for businesses to get the word out that they’re hiring. Utilizing virtual platforms or recruiting fairs allows businesses to network to a wider range of qualified candidates. Expanding the business’s reach to as many jobseekers as possible increases the diversity of the talent pool as well as the probability of finding the right candidate faster. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) serves as an important aspect of hiring.

As a matter of fact, corporations identified as more diverse and inclusive are 35% more likely to outperform their competitors.

Diversifying hires allows businesses to generate new ideas and have different perspectives, increase in innovation, increase in employee productivity and profitability and provide a positive company reputation. 

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