Hybrid Work Is Up, But Remote Is Down

Hybrid work seems to be the trending word floating around corporate meetings rooms these days. As a flexible work model that supports a blend of in-office, remote, and on-the-go workers, it offers employees the ability to choose to work wherever and however they are most productive.

Working from home (WFH), telecommuting, and remote work however is a type of flexible working arrangement that allows an employee to work from an out-of-office location for the full scope of their job. Since the pandemic, most companies were forced to go remote and trying to get employees back into the office has proven difficult

Which begs a few big questions when it comes to the WFH arrangements:

  • Do we work better in the office or away? 
  • Can we be just as profitable of a company if we are never physically in the same room? 
  • Will companies that bring their employees back in person prove to have an earlier advantage over those that delay?

Trends are beginning to show that many companies that went fully remote during 2020 and 2021, are slowly easing into hybrid workplaces.

Some common types of hybrid workplace policies include:

  • Offering three days in and two days out 
  • Alternative working spaces onsite (cafe lounges for example)
  • Once-a-month onsite days that include town halls and reviews with manager

To support these trends, we’re seeing more than half of workers (52%) are back to working onsite and less than a third (28%) of workers are remote. Hybrid arrangements are gaining popularity, as 17% of workers report splitting their time between home and the office.

Also not surprisingly, hybrid is proving to be more popular among women. About 20% of women report splitting their time compared to 14% of men. A hybrid model is particularly attractive to working mothers and makes it possible for children to still be taken care of, especially when flu and colds keep children from attending school for longer periods of time. 

“One big trend we are seeing in the companies we hire for is the comfortability talent has for working remotely,” says Jeff Naugle, Co-Founder of Catalyst Career Group. “Job seekers are growing accustomed to working remotely and can afford to choose the position that allows them to do so.” 

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Is Your Job Description Hurting Or Helping Your Hiring?

Is Your Job Description Hurting Or Helping Your Hiring?

It can be difficult to attract the right candidates for a role; particularly when it is the same job description from 5 years ago.

Do you know exactly what you will need from a candidate in the job today?

If you, as a hiring manager, receive a job description that is outdated and doesn’t include more recent bonus structures or flexibility options, it may need to go back to the department head for edits.

One of the fastest ways to check if the job description does need changes is to search for comperable job descriptions for similar positions.

Do the requirements match up? Does it require different skills? Are there adequate details about the expectations for pay incentives? 

There may even be previous position specifics that did attract excellent candidates in the past.

This might help you see where today’s job description might need updating. It’s worth taking a closer look at how the job description is comparing against others in the industry. Some elements are especially worth emphasizing to attract the best candidate.

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